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New Products and News from

We're Moving!

With effect from May 1st, 2017, our address will be:

Milestone Technologies, Inc.
Morse Express, Oak Hills Research, AMECO
2460 S Moline Way
Aurora CO 80014-1833

Phone and FAX numbers, e-mail addresses, and web site URLs will remain unchanged.
New Optical Keys
from GHD Telegraph Key

GHD has introduced new optical-sensor versions of its GN206 semi-automatic bug and it's GN209 fully-automatic "Autokey."  The new keys are expected to arrive around May 10th.  Meanwhile, they will be very similar in appearance and performance to the mechanical versions which you can see here:  http://www.MorseExpress.com/ghd

McElroy's Morse Code Chart

http://www.morsex.com/books/chartsmpl2.jpgby Tom French, W1IMQ

$18.00 Post-paid*

11 x 17"  Frame-able reproduction of McElroy's 1943 Chart of codes and Signals.  Printed on heavy card stock, the chart includes International and American Morse, as well as Morse codes for Greek, Russian,  Arabic, Turkish, and Japanese.  Signals include International Z signals, Aeronautical "Q" Signals, Radiotelegraphy "Q" signals, International Flag symbols, and Semaphore Code.
11x17" Poster AB-MMCC.
$18.00  (includes First Class Postage in the US).

*Mailed in a cardboard mailing tube.  Will be mailed separately if ordered with other items.  Additional postage is required if the chart is mailed to addresses outside the US.

As always, pictures and more information are available on the Milestone
Technologies web sites (Morse Express, Oak Hills Research, and
AMECO) starting at  http://www.MorseExpress.com

Please use our secure on-line ordering facilities or call us on
1-877-DOT DASH (877-368-3274) or 1-866-OHR-KITS
(866-647-5487)  Toll Free to order by phone.  And feel free to call
me personally on (303) 752-3382 for more information about any of our
products or services.

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