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The Morse Express 2017 Christmas Key

So far, we have designed and produced a special key for the holidays– every single year in this century! And every year we have done something a little bit different. This year we combine a traditional camelback lever with a translucent red knob, on a  walnut base, for a stunning little key that will turn heads wherever it goes. The camelback provides for an elegant transition from the trunnion down to the contacts but it also adds mass to the lever, making it smoother to operate. That and the added leverage that you get with the trunnion at the rear of the key make it a delight to use. 

The wires from the miniature binding posts are traced into the base and covered with a felt pad so the key will be less likely to slip, and won’t mar the table.  The hardware is highly polished brass with gold plate that will not tarnish or corrode. Contact spacing and spring tension are both controlled by the single adjusting screw just forward of the trunnion, an arrangement that I have not seen on any other keys.

The Morse Express 2017 Christmas Key is a limited edition of 150 keys priced at $89.95, plus shipping and handling. Each key has a label with “Christmas 2017” and a unique serial number. If you ordered the 2016 Christmas Key then the same serial number will be reserved for you this year.  Please feel free to visit our Christmas Key web page-- some older Christmas Keys are still available, but we won't start taking orders for the 2017 key until we know that they are on the way from Japan.

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of this project, and I hope our little key brings a little extra joy to the holiday season and Straight Key Night for you!



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