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New Products and News from
Morse Express
This will be our last newsletter for 2016, and what a year it's been!  We are right on deadline for USPS Priority Mail deliveries on or before Christmas Eve, but plenty of time to order our 2016 Christmas Key or another one that's caught your eye, in time for Straight Key Night. 

If you are looking for a gift for the ham in your life, or something to keep you busy over the holidays, check out our books , kits, and tools.  And the new McElroy Morse Code chart described below will look great on the wall of any ham shack! 

Whatever holiday you celebrate, we extend our best wishes for the whole holiday season, and for a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous 2017. 

73 DE N1FN 

The Headlines:

  • Our 2016 Christmas Key
  • New Morse Code Reader from GHD
  • New Parts and Components
  • McElroy's Morse Code Chart (frame-able, 11 x 17)

Morse Express
2016 Christmas Key

Christmas 2016

Our 2016 Christmas Key is a fully functional miniature rear-pivot key commissioned by Morse Express and made by GHD Telegraph Key in Sendai City Japan.  This year’s key features a gold-plated brass mechanism on a walnut base.  The sculpted knob (with skirt) is over the base,  providing a stable platform for comfortable use.  The key measures  1¼" x 2" (32X 50mm) at the base, It is 1½" (38mm) tall depending on adjustment,  and it weighs just over 1½ ounces (44 grams).  

This is a limited edition of 150 keys and orders will be filled in the order received.

You can place a secure credit card order via the web page

LT-MX16 2016 Christmas key...  $89.95


or call (800) 238-8205 toll free to order by phone.

73 from Colorado, and I hope to hear you and your new Christmas Key on Straight Key Night -- Marshall, N1FN

 Morse Code Reader / Decoder

Code Reader
Click on the picture to view in full size.

In first testing here at Morse Express the variable center frequency and filtering make this the most useful Morse code reader that we have seen. Here's the original translated Japanese description, which we will tidy up as soon as we can.
  • CW enthusiasts' association The kit developed by A1 Club was commercialized
  • When GR301A / er and paddle and vertical swing key tie decipher can, we feel confident to send Morse code intelligibly
  • It will help to overcome the interference and and the weak signal
  • Will assist the rig and the reception, margin can have to communicate
    (It can not be deciphered that there are unique signs, noise, interference)
  • For monitoring sound, you can use without earphones
    (However, because the speaker is small, the sound is small)
  • You can switch between Japanese and English automatically or manually
  • Four AAA batteries are built in when shipped
  • Case size  4 x 2.4 x  1.4" (100 × 61 × 35mm) and compact
  •  weighs about 6 Oz. (160g)

$169.95   http://www.MorseExpress.com/ghd

McElroy's Morse Code Chart

http://www.morsex.com/books/chartsmpl2.jpgby Tom French, W1IMQ

$18.00 Post-paid*

11 x 17"  Frame-able reproduction of McElroy's 1943 Chart of codes and Signals.  Includes International and American Morse, as well as Morse codes for Greek, Russian,  Arabic, Turkish, and Japanese.  Signals include International Z signals, Aeronautical "Q" Signals, Radiotelegraphy "Q" signals, International Flag symbols, and Semaphore Code.
11x17" Poster AB-MMCC.
$18.00  (includes First Class Postage in the US).

*Mailed in a cardboard mailing tube.  Will be mailed separately if ordered with other items.  Due to postage costs, the poster generally cannot be sent outside the US unless the customer is prepared to have it sent folded-- contact us for details.. 

  New Parts and Components, including...

  • Hardware packs-- sets of 5 ea #4 machine screw, nut, lockwasher
  • 1N34A Germanium Diodes in D0-35 (3.6mm) package
  • RCA Phono Line Jack, pair, black & red
  • 5/8" dot indicator knob for 1/4" shaft
  • "Chicken Head" pointer knob for 6mm shaft

As always, pictures and more information are available on the Milestone
Technologies web sites (Morse Express, Oak Hills Research, and
AMECO) starting at  http://www.MorseExpress.com

Please use our secure on-line ordering facilities or call us on
1-877-DOT DASH (877-368-3274) or 1-866-OHR-KITS
(866-647-5487)  Toll Free to order by phone.  And feel free to call
me personally on (303) 752-3382 for more information about any of our
products or services.

73, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from 
Marshall Emm, N1FN Milestone Technologies Inc. "Everything for the Morse Enthusiast" http://www.MorseExpress.com http://www.OHR.com Email: admin@mtechnologies.com Phone: (303)752-3382 --
Morse Express | 10691 E Bethany Dr | STE 800 | Aurora | CO | USA | 80014
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